Review Of Unit 5 & 6

This project I carried out before my starting my Final Major Project. The theme was based on the body disorder: Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD). This project was a little out of my comfort zone as I feel I was working towards more of a ‘fine art fashion’ outcome over a complete fashion outcome. This is due to the fact the artists I based my inspiration off was too- a fine artist. I wanted the pieces to carry concept behind the work, and the way the piece acted upon the model, being a burden and engulfing the model in a way in which BDD does to a victim during the photo shoot and change the silhouette of the model. This was all successful and I want to carry this theme of using concepts behind my work through to my FMP too as I feel it gives my work an edge, uniqueness and makes it overall really intriguing. My unit 5 and 6 projects have really enabled me to have a wider perspective on how to approach the new project and have taught me to be less narrow-minded about my way of working. My final piece for this unit I believe as it is finer art orientated and I would pick the woven piece to hang in a fine art gallery, in a small yet open bright space as the piece is small itself and I wouldn’t want it to drown in a big open space as this would take away from the details. Images of my final pieces below:

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