20-26th February

Google Definition:
 the quality or condition of being modern.
  1. “an aura of technological modernity
    “Hobbes was the genius of modernity”

My initial aims: To look at how modernity and our way of life today is effecting our world.

What I may look at to kick start my project:

-When did pollution and global warming first become recognised/ a problem?

-Stats on pollution and global warming in history contrasted with today

-Main causes of pollution

-Different forms of pollution e.g. Water Pollution, Air Pollution

-Look at case study’s e.g. Chernobyl and Fukushima – causes and how it happened, problems it created short and long term.

-Future problems and predictions

-Litter: islands, sea and effects on Nature. Primary research this.

-Modernity’s effects on nature, humans and animals.

-Politics/ Government: are they spending money on it? Is it being pushed aside?

-Fuel company’s and pollution (Making loads of money so problems are being ignored)

-Artists/ Designers inspired by pollution/ modernity/ litter

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