Research Into Initial Ideas: Secondary Research


20-26th February

IMG_0417 (1)

Harakuku style:



A short film by Ben Toms, styled by Dazed creative director Robbie Spencer. Below are stills from the film. This film is inspired by daydreams and I really enjoyed watching it and feel it does represent daydreams really well in the fact the structure of the film is loose, the images are overlapping, hazy and flow from one image to the next, and is overall really random, like daydreams. I think the colours, images and sound all compliment each other.


Though I really like the short film and I like the idea of using dreams as the basis to my FMP, however, I think it would be hard to execute as a fashion project, I couldn’t find much research and I am unsure as to how I would collect primary research etcetera, so will discard the idea from now.


I looked into The Mods and Rockers and Skinhead subcultures as these are the ones I am most interested in. Although I love the fashion in these subcultures, if I pick this theme to base my FMP on I would look at the theme as a whole, what was going on in these times, politically, the subcultures ways of life, norms and values, and working class people as a whole in these times, and get influence from these factors, along with the fashion sense and style of the groups.

Websites I looked at for Skinheads:


Websites I looked at for Mods and Rockers:

I do really like the idea of using either one, or both of these themes to base my FMP, however collecting primary research is difficult, and I feel this wouldn’t fuel me through until the end of my project due to the fact it is a historical subject. It would be better if it was current so I could have more research to go off, for example, exhibitions, news articles primary research such as my own photography or questionnaires.


I decided to combine my very first ideas of Modernity and pollution together as I feel they link in well together, due to the fact that today’s modern day produce lots of pollution anyway. I am really interested in this subject and looking at today’s way of life. I am aware and want to educate myself more on how the human race with their rapidly growing cities, litter, pollution, nuclear waste etcetera is taking over nature and killing natural habitats and eco systems. I feel like this concept of modernity taking over and engulfing nature is a really good start to my FMP, as it is a serious issue in the first place, it is a contemporary issue that I can gather lots of data and primary research from, and the contrast between modernity and nature I feel I would be able to illustrate well within my work.

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