Pollution: Secondary Research I Will Conduct:


20-26th February

  • Air Pollution
  • Chemical Pollution
  • Land Pollution
  • Water Pollution

I want to thoroughly investigate and research each individual type of the main pollutants in recent years. I personally think to kick start and give me a solid basis for my project, it is really important to educate myself on these issues. By looking at facts, statistics and general knowledge on each type of pollutant along with real life case study’s, this will provide me with a better comprehension of the matters. I feel that looking at the case studies is a really important factor as It really unveils how dangerous and damaging pollution can be and how modernity and our way of life today is truly affecting the world around us. Having an apprehension of the different categories of pollution will also enable me to illustrate this more accurately in my work as I will be capable of understanding what is really going on and essentially provide my future work with the context I desire.

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