Artist: Smog Mask Fashion, Contextual Research


6-12th March

These are links to some articles I read online about Fashion Designer Yin Peng. His aim was to raise awareness about pollution and how terrible it is in China at this moment in time. His collection as a whole really intrigues me but my favourite part is the smog masks. I think they work really well with the sports wear and the contrast between trying to maintain a healthy life style (the sports wear) Vs the pollution being unhealthy to the human body (smog masks). The designer really raised awareness with this collection and inspires me to incorporate pollution into my project to help raise awareness too.

(CNN) — High fashion isn’t often inspired by environmental hazards, but as air pollution levels soared in Beijing last week, models at China Fashion Week walked the runway wearing designer respiratory face masks.The QIAODAN Yin Peng Sports Wear Collection showcased fashion and function in the same breath at the biannual event, which runs through the weekend. Some outfits had built-in face masks while others featured smog masks coordinated to match the ensemble.The runway shows briefly coincide with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, for which Beijing is implementing strict pollution controls. The city is limiting traffic and shutting down industrial factories to help air quality conditions. Similar measures were taken for the 2008 Summer Olympics.This month, Beijing International Marathon participants came prepared with face masks and sponges to combat smog levels that were deemed “hazardous” by the United States Embassy.Yin Peng, the designer, said he was surprised his collection had attracted so much attention and said the smoggy environment was not his main inspiration.”From my perspective, no matter how good the outside environment is, the key is how we mix the situation outside with our hearts,” he told CNN.


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