Plastic Ocean- Tan Zi Xi


6-12th March

Plastic Ocean by Tan Zi Xi from MessyMsxi on Vimeo.

I came across this artist who created this installation that mimics the real plastic waste (water pollution) we as humans are inflicting onto the ocean. This installation is extremely realistic and portrays a gloomy and heartbreaking reality. The short film is really atmospheric and it truly illustrates the installation purely.

“Plastic Ocean by artist-illustrator Tan Zi Xi. More than 20,000 pieces of discarded plastic – from water bottles and drinking straws to cling film and plastic bags – have found their way into a gallery at the Singapore Art Museum. Painstakingly collected, cleaned and artfully composed in a room by artist-illustrator Tan Zi Xi, the immersive installation is meant to evoke in the audience a sense of being submerged in a sea of swirling trash” –

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