Artist: Litter Samples Inspiration, Contextual Research


6-12th March

I recently came across a Central Saint Martins BA Textile Design students Instagram account E.Short where she posts her work. These two pieces she has created stood out to me immediately. I love the way she has knitted with plastic loom bands, balloons, foam, hooks along with a small amount of natural yarn. Although she has used majorly plastics to create these textile pieces, the overall shape of them look like a natural form. This contrast of the natural, knobbly and unsymmetrical shape along with the none formula in which these pieces have been made, with the plastics and wire they are made up of is what I love in particular. I feel like these pieces link in really well with my project as after looking into litter and water pollution I read and heard a few times that the litter gets entwined with the natural corals and habitats within the sea and unfortunately in some cases become one together. These beautiful pieces she has made too look as if they could have been inspired by something along these lines too and look as if they have been washed up on a beach somewhere tangled up in seaweed.


I also came across this post a CSM Instagram account posted. One of their students Helen Milne had created yarn from recycled plastics. This relates to the research I conducted on ‘The Plastic Age’ and looking into how we as fashion designers can be sustainable. This I want to research into and see how I could create some yarn like this myself to work with.


Lastly, I came across the graduate Lois Albinson a Fashion Textile graduate. I typed in ‘pollution knit’ as keywords into Pinterest and this sample of her work came up entitled ‘Sea Scape Knit’:


I really fell in love with this piece and was intrigued to look into her work more to see if I could find what her inspiration was. Off my own speculation looking at the way the piece has been crafted and the soft whites and muted blues contrasting and entwining with the blacks it looks as if she is trying to illustrate water pollution such as an oil spill within the sea through the work. Unfortunately, the basis of her inspiration was ‘neglect’ but I am still going to use her work for inspiration as I can intemperate ‘neglect’ into pollution as technically we are neglecting our planet by polluting it. Here are some more of her samples then final garments:


The majority of these have been created by knitting with hand and with a chunky gauge domestic knitting machine, manipulation and layering. I personally think her work is really effective and I feel the style she works in is really beautiful, the samples especially. I will definitely refer back to her and the CSM students work when making my own samples.

I really want to find more professional artists who too also use pollution as an influence.

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