Artist: Jamie North, Contextual Research


20-26th March


I came across this artist that too, is compelled to create art using the influence of the combination of mankind and nature thus decided to document this in my sketchbook on a mood board. Information is written down in the sketchbook: North is an artist womb forte is sculpture. His totems are a study of buildings versus flora. He combines organic structure with humankind’s everlasting industrialisation. This mix has manifested from his previous obsession: Photographing native plants and their survival in hostile environments. This soon developed into different mediums, primarily sculpture and beautifully put together installations.

I feel Jamie’s work really works well with my project as he too is fascinated with mankind’s way of life today -Modernity- and the toll it is taking upon nature. His method of using cement, waste, stone, steel slag, coal, ash and plants and the way the man made materials engulf the vegetation makes a bold statement and works really effectively.

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