Plaster Experimentation:


20-26th March

After looking into artists Jamie North and Jack Henry I really wanted to use their methods of using concrete within my work to represent Modernity, Infrastructure and humans way of life engulfing and entwining with nature using a combination of this material and natural materials and experiment with this 3D way of working. I immediately booked a tutorial with my fashion pathway tutor Danielle on the to discuss my options and ideas I had on this method of working. I told her I wanted to use primarily Jamie North’s work as inspiration, and mix concrete with natural elements to represent modernity. Danielle told me however that concrete may not be the best method to use just for experimentation and samples, due to the fact it takes a long time to dry, is expensive and usually is the wrong colour, thus referred my to the 3D tutor Kim, and told me to try ‘Plaster Of Paris’ instead. This dries extremely fast,  is cheap and is the colour I want too- White rather than a Brick Red concrete. I spoke to Kim the 3D tutor and I booked out the 3D studio for the next day.

After going home and gathered all the materials I needed for the following day when I had booked out the studio, I came in and immediately got to work. Kim walked me through the first sample and I completed the rest on my own.

Equipment List:

  • Plastic bowl
  • Plaster Of Paris Powder
  • Warm water
  • Moulds
  • Materials to mix in

How I created the samples:

  • Firstly, fill the bowl around half way with warm water
  • Fill the warm water with Plaster Of Paris Powder one scoop at a time using the scoop inside of the bag. Fill the whole inside of the bowl by sprinkling the powder in circular motions to ensure there is powder in all of the water, not just the centre.
  • Every now and then shuffle the bowl in a forwards and backwards motion to help the powder settle.
  • When the powder stops settling and creates little islands on the surface of the water you know you have successfully filled the water up with powder.
  • Now mix the two together using your hands. Do this until the mixture has the consistency of clotted cream.
  • Now the mixture is complete, I carefully poured it into the moulds (circular as did Jamie North) and quickly added my materials to the pots before the plaster set. (Bubble Wrap, Fabrics, Mohair, Plants and Vegetation, Netting, Litter and Tubing)
  • After waiting overall about an hour to ensure the plaster was completely set I could now pop them out of the moulds.

Here are images of the making:

Here are my samples photographed by myself:

Overall I am really pleased with the outcome of these samples and do feel they represent modernity well and in the way I wanted them to- along with clear artist influence. However I am struggling to think of ways incorporate similar creations into my designs and a fashion related piece in the long run, thus for the time being to save time over stalling, I will leave this method alone and try new processes and techniques and different artists to represent modernity, and then maybe I will have a clearer idea on how to do so.

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