Developing Melted Plastics:


27-2nd April

As said previously I really liked how the heat of the gun manipulated the litter and the transformation of just a plastic piece of litter to an intricate sample was incredible, and I feel although the sample is made from litter and essentially pollution (man-made, unnatural products) the shape of the newly transformed plastic was strikingly beautiful and really had the shape of a natural form, such as a growing plant or seaweed or something else of the sort, and this made me think about how we as humans are replacing natural things we previously used in our lives thousands of years ago- with plastics and how we are now referred to as ‘ The Plastic Age’. Examples include Wood and Coal as energy supplies to now Nuclear Power, and 90% of the clothes we wear include materials such as polyester and others over animal skins etcetera.

These small samples I created by melting them together I really like, and I feel I may include them further into my project too.

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