First Designs:


27-2nd April

Though I had transferred my context from an idea, to sculpture to textiles, I still felt I needed to start creating some designs using my completed work to help me foresee a ‘garment’ future for my project.  These designs I created by using images I had taken of my work, collaging them together and using other materials such as paper, masking tape, Tippex and pen. The two designs are really rough and shaggy looking and I am really unhappy with how they turned out. Although I incorporated my work into the designs, I feel they do not illustrate how mankind is taking over nature in the slightest and rather just look like litter and pollution on a person.


After looking at these I made the decision to go down a different route of presenting this, and when I have more of an idea on how to produce a garment out of it I will go back to my textile work as I still feel the felting works amazingly well and go from there.



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