Tutorial with Tutor:


27-2nd April

After being unhappy with my hand woven samples due to the fact the man made and the natural didn’t blend in a fluid manner, I decided to book a tutorial with my pathway tutor Danielle, to share my concerns and gain any advice she may have. To ensure she knew what I wanted and my ideas behind my work I walked her through my sketchbook to help her understand and told her what I didn’t like about the plaster samples, and the hand woven pieces, and if she knew any other textile methods I should try to blend the two subjects together.

She liked where I was going with my project and the context behind my work and she suggested I tried wet felting. She told me this is a process in which you infuse pieces of wool and other natural yarns together using warm water and friction, and I could try to incorporate bits of the litter I had found in Bolton to the mix. Although the litter won’t fully infuse to the wool as it is unnatural, If I sandwich it in- it may work by just infusing the surrounding wool to the wool underneath.

I wanted to get on with this process as quickly as a could but unfortunately I had to wait until the following Tuesday when I had access to table space and materials.

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