Artist Inspiration​:


3-9th April

After being inspired by Karla Black’s work and how they appealed to me and my project, I finally got round to creating work inspired by her, and how she creates hers. As said previously she paints cosmetics humans use today on sheeting and plastics. Carrying on with my plastic ongoing theme I decided to have a go myself.

Grabbing a clear sheet of plastic I had previously found as litter in Bolton and washed and dried, I also rounded up some old cosmetics of mine to paint on- including Vaseline, BB Cream, White Paint, Nail Varnish (pink to keep with the theme that Black also uses) and moisturiser. I painted them onto the clear plastic sheeting randomly with a medium sized dry paintbrush, scrunched up the sheet then let dry.

The making:


I waited out 24 hours to see how dry It could get (I felt some of the products I used wouldn’t dry) and as I expected I was right. This, however, I didn’t see as a problem as I could just primarily use the sample to photograph. *When I put the sample in my sketchbook I sealed the liquids in*

Below are the images I took of the sample from different angels, by holding them up against a white wall in a bright room.

IMG_1696 (1)IMG_1699 (1)IMG_1702 (1)IMG_1703 (1)

I wasn’t really happy with how the images turned out so I decided to edit them in photoshop. Using various different methods such as experimenting with the exposure, brightness and contrast the images below are the edited images.

1 copy23

The contrast and the shapes created are much more vivid and bold now I edited them and the patterns created I love especially. I printed these images out onto paper, tracing paper and masking tape, and created this collage below.


My favourite part of this page in my sketchbook is this section


I feel that the patterns created and my drawing from tracing the patterns with different media and colours look really effective and interesting. The shapes created- look like natural growths and vegetation and have the form of nature- not man-made products that I actually used to create them. This factor I really liked and want to develop this pattern making further- but in a way that illustrates my context more effectively, with less artist influence and more my own personal edge added to it.

Update: I decided to include the edited images into my sketchbook and couldn’t help but notice how the patterns created also look similar to water pollution. I decided to print off an image I found when researching water pollution, lay a piece of paper over the top of it, and generate patterns from each image. The patterns created I feel are really beautiful and interesting and want to keep on track with pattern making to see where It may take me.


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