Pattern Making Development:


3-9th April

After looking into pattern last week from being inspired by Karla Black, to help kick start looking into patterns further I decided to go back through pages in my sketchbook and trace any patterns I saw, of Nature VS Manmade. I could not find as much ‘nature’ as I had hoped so decided I would see if I could find anything outside in my garden that I could generate a pattern from. I found some dead flowers on the floor of my garden and decided to incorporate these. I wanted to keep the pattern fluid and ensure the combination of the man-made and natural was almost seamless. The image below is the pattern I created from images of my plaster work, the flowers, oil spills in the ocean and my artist inspired patterns.


I am really pleased with how this pattern has turned out. I feel it is really fresh and innovative and this method of pattern generating has lots of potential in the future for my project.

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