Editing Pollution Photographs:


3-9th April

After being unhappy with the colours of the photographs of my experimentation I decided I would import them into Photoshop and experiment with the ‘Hue and Saturation’ tool on various images. I love the results and documented them in my sketchbook.


I also started taking patterns from some of them as shown below:


After liking the way they looked, I decided to experiment and push my editing skills further. As said previously I wasn’t happy with the colouring of the first experiment I created with petrol- thus I took the contrast out, and darkened the shadows to make it look bolder:


I personally believe this image is so strong and contains rich pattern and context behind it. Due to this, I decided to combine this image with the previous ones and adjust the light on them both to see what I could create on an app called Afterlight. The results I got I personally believe are phenomenal:

IMG_3722 (1)IMG_3724 (1)IMG_3726IMG_3727IMG_3729

Using different effects such as hard light, soft light, colourburn and difference along with changing the saturation and exposure on each. I believe these look amazing, and immediately documented them in my sketchbook and took patterns from them, that I too love and think would look amazing as prints:


For this last image, I decided to combine the Karla Black inspired patterns into this one too and again I loved the outcome:


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