10-16th April

After loving the way my experimentation with the oil and petrol looked on paper, edits and generating patterns from the images, I wanted to see what they would look like on a bigger scale- to help me picture a more garment related outcome to the patterns, to see if I could pick up any bigger shapes to help design silhouettes- and just see what the patterns looked like on a bigger scale. To do this I:

  • Printed out my images onto acetate
  • Laid down white sheeting to the desk
  • Shut all the blinds
  • Turned the projector on and laid the acetate images on top
  • Photographed the results

The images I took are below:

I don’t like the result of these projections, I feel patterns loose the intricate detail when they are blown up in this manner- no matter how many times I adjusted the projector I still couldn’t get a clear image. I feel if I printed the patterns on this size the outcome would loose the meaning and looks far from water pollution and oil stains.

After this experimentation I know I will stick with the smaller scale patterns throughout the rest of my project.

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