Water Pollution Designs:


10-16th April

After being really unhappy with the results of my projection experimentation, I decided I would make use of the acetate images I printed off as I still really liked these and the detail they provided. After documenting them in my sketchbook a design flew to mind- Using the bubbly shapes the image contained I immediately pictured a big bubbly ‘jumper’ in my mind that almost engulfed a model and decided to put this idea on paper. The image below is what I came up with:


As stated previously I took the bubbly feel off the photograph and transformed this into a garment. On each design the models face is partially covered- I got this idea from my research on ‘Smog Mask Fashion’ where all the model’s mouths were covered as a statement to try and raise awareness of the fact that in countries such as China- wearing a smog mask to stop from trying to inhale the poisonous pollution is almost becoming a fashion- thus I wanted to use this in my designs too- but rather than an actual smog mask I wanted the jumper to almost be the pollution that is suffocating the model.

For these next three designs, I simply took a photograph of the previous ones, uploaded them into photoshop, used the ‘Polygon Lasso’ around the inside of them, and cut and ‘special paste’ ‘paste into’ the designs. I pasted in a photograph I had saved from when I previously took the images of the oil. I then adjusted the ‘Hue and Saturation’ of the image to change the colours. I do like these designs- just not as much as the first three due to the fact again the intricate detail has been lost, and they look a little plain. Thinking realistically It would be very expensive to print too and don’t think it would look effective. In the sketchbook, I layered some patterns I created before hand using the Karla Black technique- and this did improve the designs I feel as it added more detail.

This seventh design I took it back to more detail- again using the ‘Smog Mask Fashion’ to cover the mouth and nose- yet added lots more pattern and a bit of colour and texture to the garment and I feel this too is effective:


I am really happy with these designs and can’t wait to try some more as I feel the route I am going down will create a successful and effective final piece with the context behind it I desire, even though Im not sure how I would achieve the shape of these designs, padding? wire? just lots of layered material? I will need to take these factors into consideration when thinking about my actual garment.


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