Preperation For Printing:


17-23rd April

I had now got a sufficient load of work that I could now work from to try and produce a final garment. I was extremely happy with the patterns I had created from my water pollution experimentation and wanted to transfer these patterns to fabric. There are different ways in which I could do this and had access to, but these were expensive and extremely time-consuming so I decided to opt for screen printing. This means I can transfer my patterns to a screen and have an array of colours and liquids I could choose from. As the screen is reusable I am able to trial and error with my work.

One of these processes I was really interested in was Devore, due to the fact I liked the idea that the chemicals in the mix essentially  ‘eat into’ the fabric and scold the material to the point the pile falls out. I felt this process and the idea behind it really fed in well with my project and illustrated how chemicals and pollution are essentially eating into nature too, thus would be a suitable technique for me.

To make sure I was able to do this, I booked a tutorial with Gwennyth the textiles technician. She told me I was able to have a screen by the end of this week- as long as I brought my patterns to her on acetate that contain high contrast, and be in black and white as soon as possible. I was asked to complete a form to attach to my illustrations that contained my specific requirements for the screen. We arranged an early start for Tuesday morning, so we could prepare the screen together and go through the process. I was informed to arrive at 9.00 am promptly due to the fact other students are not allowed to enter the room whilst a screen is being prepared as if the light was to enter the room – my screen that will be coated with a light sensitive emulsion would be damaged.

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