Developing Into A Garment:


17-23rd April

As the hand in deadline is approaching rapidly, I figured I really need to take action in developing my ideas and transforming them into a garment. As stated previously after my first few designs- I really like the big amorphous shape I came up with in replica of the shapes created with my oil experimentation- however, I’m unsure tow to transform that shape into a real life garment.

I decided to book a tutorial with my pathway tutor- Danielle and see If she had any suggestions from her professional and knowledgeable point of view. To ensure she knew where my intentions were coming from and the problems I was facing; I talked her through my sketchbook to where I was up to now- trying to figure out how to include all my research and development into a final piece to show in the exhibition.

She pointed that the felting sample I created earlier on was really innovative and interesting and clearly illustrated the context and meaning behind my ideas well. She also pointed out the patterns I had generated from oil experimentation were interesting too and I should definitely consider incorporating this into a final outfit too, and if I needed I could use my screen I had already prepared for the Devore or create new ones If time allowed.

After my tutorial, I have a much more clear idea on where I would take my final piece. I wanted to create a two-piece garment- an amorphous jumper and a long skirt containing patterns.

I was struggling to think of ways to make the jumper amorphous and drown/suffocate the model, however after Danielle reminding me about the felting process and how she really liked it- I feel that if I make enough pieces of felting and stitched them together this would do the job ob suffocating / engulfing the model in which I desire to illustrate pollution, and out way of life today – modernity- is affecting nature; essentially humans. As soon as I pictured this, ideas fled to mind.

And as for the long skirt, I want a garment that I could incorporate my pattern designs into as I feel this garment really love these and do not want them to go to waste. I feel like screen printing is a really effective and beautiful way to carry out this technique, I can choose my colours and patterns and print. This I decide quickly though so I can book a screen if I need a new one, and table space to ensure I get it done.

This also reminded me I need to think about photographing my final outfit and booking studio space in the photography studio as I know these slots fill up fast too.

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