More Pattern Making:


17-23rd April

I felt like the flowers I had found on the floor of my garden I hadn’t put to use enough. They were so beautiful even though dead, and I felt I could create some really interesting patterns from them. As I really liked the acetate images of the water pollution creation I decided to also somehow print these onto acetate. To do so I simply sandwiched them between two pieces of acetate and scan them in and print them off this way. This way they looked super realistic and I could arrange them however I wanted. Due to the fact the background was a dark grey colour and almost took away from the beauty of the flowers- I uploaded them to photoshop and used the ‘Polygon Lasso’ took around the image, pressed ‘select- inverse’ and deleted the background so I was left with a crisp white background that made my image a lot easier to work with. I decided to generate a pattern from this image by simply tracing around it with a black pen. The results I absolutely love and I feel would look really effective as a screen print. This process I will look into in the near future.

I decided that the pattern could use a little colour so layered it on top of the artist inspired image I created (Karla Black) and I felt the pinks worked really well with the flowers. I also feel the dead flowers paired with the water pollution patterns will create a bold statement- and illustrate how pollution is essentially killing nature and its beauty. This combination I will also look into.

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