Designing A Final Outfit: Top Half


17-23rd April

After my tutorial with my tutor and Ideas fled to mind I decided to get designing. I drew out an array of different styles I could make the felt piece to see if my ideas in my mind could translate to design to a garment. I had to be realistic within my designs and consider different factors such as would incorporating the found litter into the felting like my first sample still look effective on a bigger scale? Would I go off a pattern piece? Would I line the garment?

To help me with the designing process I decided to look back at my first felting piece I created to get shapes and ideas from this. Below are my first designs:


My initial aim for these designs is for the garment to represent Modernity- humans way of life today and how pollution and litter are affecting and engulfing and entwining with nature- therefore I want it to engulf, drown and suffocate the model, mimicking the actions of pollution to nature. Along with this, the materials I plan on using in the garment will also play a part in the context; the natural wool of the sheep will entwine with the plastics and litter I have found in the streets of Bolton and essentially will become one. My aim is for the garment to contain real life pollution and illustrate my context perfectly, thus I need to get the shape and technical design perfect.

Design 1: This design I took from the first few designs I created- the long sleeves, full body and the covered mouth and nose. The detail included is litter and little sections of felting.

Design 2: This design I think is really effective- it’s really fluid and natural as it doesn’t contain sleeves of the sort- it is essentially a cape.

Design 3: This one I do not like as much as the rest- I feel it looks too much like a product you would find on the high street with the cropped sleeves. It doesn’t look natural and doesn’t properly engulf the model in the way I want it to.

Design 4: This one is really similar to the first in shape and pattern pieces- however, I took the detail out of it yet but kept the asymmetrical sleeves.

Design 5: This design I added more volume to the shoulders and neck, and arms yet slimmed out the cuffs of the sleeves.

Design 6: Again adding lots more volume to the upper section of the garment- I think it looks effective- yet is unrealistic and think if there was this much wool used it would be too heavy and drag, resulting in a more of a limp garment.

Design 7: This last one was more of an experiment just to see what It would look like without a cover over the mouth and nose, and use that extra material to make a more voluminous centre and an exaggerated neck piece. This design I like however doesn’t fit the criteria as well as the others.

These last two designs below were just for me to foresee what the finished garment may look like. To create these I took designs 1&4, uploaded them to photoshop, used the polygon lasso tool then cut and paste ‘special’ the photograph into different areas of the illustration and printed them off. I really like how they look and this has confirmed my final product should work if it looks anything like this one.


As I want the garment to be dark and ugly and make a statement, and this tester I created in Photoshop is dark and grey- I think the wool I will use in my final piece should be grey too.  I want the garment to be free flowing, seamless and contain organic and natural shapes. I want the garment to present itself as if it is almost growing. I also want it to illustrate how

I want the garment to be free flowing, seamless and contain organic and natural shapes. I want the garment to present itself as if it is almost growing. This is why I personally feel that design number 2 will be the best design to go off.

I decided I would get some opinions from 28 of my peers on my course who also had a creative eye. Without telling them which was my personal favourite design to avoid the Hawthorne effect, I described my aims for the garment, and which designs they thought would suit my ideas best. I created a Tally chart of their opinions, this has been documented below:


As I suspected, my favourite was also their favourite- thus this will definitely be the design I go off when creating the final piece.

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