Ordering Fabrics For The Jumper:

WEEK 10:

24-30th April

I now had a secure design idea in my head and was positive this is what I was going to create as part of my outfit- I knew needed to order my materials as soon as possible. I visited my two local fabric shops Abakhan, Nortex Mill and Hobbie Craft- they all sold it but only in very small amounts and for a high price, and I found no luck when I asked about purchasing big quantities of wool, or if they knew any places that did. I decided to take this problem to the internet and came across a website that sold high-quality sheep’s wool in big quantities wasn’t too pricey! I knew achieve the voluminous and amorphous shape I desired I would need a lot of wool. With the help of the textiles technician Gwenyth, we predicted I would need roughly 500g of wool. I ordered 700 just to be on the safe side and ensure I had enough material to work with. I selected the merino wool (amazing to work with when using the process of wet felting) in the colour grey. This was £19.25. I also decided to order 100g of Greasy Raw Welsh Sheep’s Wool, this was £1. I felt this would look really effective if I used it on the jumper too to really represent the ‘nature’ side, as it has literally come straight off the sheep and will contain dirt and grease. This order came to £33.20 as next day delivery was £12.95.

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