Designing A Final Outfit: Bottom Half

WEEK 10:

24-30th April

Although the jumper was the main priority for me, I also wanted to create something to go with it. This I knew would be a skirt due to the fact when I pictured the jumper in my head I visually paired it with a long flowing skirt that contained patterns. I knew they would compliment each other straight away and this is what I went off when I started designing the skirt. Below is the template for my designs that I hand drew. Though my illustrations aren’t usually true to life, I felt this one had to be so I could really visualise the skirt on a model. This skirt is really simplistic, just one piece of fabric with a belt stitched in. I had some clear tubing and this is what I visualised the belt would be.

Below I have documented my developed designs. To create them I uploaded the template to Photoshop, used the ‘Polygon Laso’ tool to select the inside of the illustration, then ‘cut’ a photograph I had previously taken, selected ‘paste special’ then ‘paste into’. Then adjusted the photograph accordingly. Then using the transform tool, I adjusted the size, and placement of the pattern and repeated this until I had 4 designs using the same pattern.

For these first 8 designs, I did this but then using the transform tool I adjusted the size, and placement of the pattern and repeated this until I had 4 designs using the same pattern. As you can see the first 4 are the pattern I generated from my oil/water pollution images, and the second 4 is the pattern I generated from the dead flowers.


These 8 designs I do like, however, I felt they were a little too predictable and boring with not enough colour. Thus for rest of the designs, I decided I will add colour.

For the next lot of designs, I did the same again but with the actual photograph of the oil/water pollution experimentation, I conducted, and then also changed the ‘contrast’, ‘saturation’ and ‘lightness’ on each design.


I feel these designs would work really well, and I especially like the second as It looks really interesting and I love the colours however I feel the colours are too bold and would take away from the jumper.

For these next 13-16 designs below, I decided to tone it down a little, and go back to the beginning and incorporate my Karla Black inspired images. These I feel are the most successful so far- however still not what I wanted.


I decided to get a little more creative with my design process and the Photoshop tools I had available. I decided to layer up two images for this set of designs, the flowers and the pattern generated, but moved apart so I created almost a 3D effect:

rose .jpg

And then on each design adjust the setting, soft light, overlay and hard light. The last one of these designs is my personal favorite so far- however thinking back to how I wasn’t happy with the projections of the patterns on a larger scale, I took it back down to smaller sizes, and to do so I decided I would create an image where I incorporated all my favorite designs and use this on the rest of the designs. I made sure the image wasn’t too bright and overpowering, and the patterns included small and medium sizes.


I then created this image below:

pp (1)

by layering up different patterns I had saved, then edited this image into the templates and adjusted these following tools on each one to get the desired outcome:

  • Size
  • Placement
  • Saturation
  • Lightness
  • Exposure
  • Hardlight
  • Softlight
  • Overlay


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