Booking Space and Help

WEEK 11:

1-7th May

I had now decided roughly what I was going to design and how long it would take, therefore I could book in the spaces I needed to complete my project. I decided to do this sooner rather than later, to ensure I could finish my project in time. As I now knew I wanted to use the method of screen printing on my skirt- I needed desk space to do this and booked a space for 9 am Tuesday the 9th of may.

I also knew I wanted a photoshoot of the garments I make in a professional setting, I feel like this will play a big part in making my outfit a statement and feeding into my concepts if played right. I booked the main photography studio for 9 am Thursday the 18th. I decided to book the ‘Main Studio’ due to the fact that this is the most accessible and is efficient to shoot in, along with having the most equipment. The other studios require much more preparation to get the perfect shot, including tasks such as moving tables and chairs to get enough space and blacking out all the windows with black paper and tape. This I did not want to have to do my myself when I could just book the main studio and have the work cut out for me as it is a studio and not just a classroom that can be transformed into a studio.

I also asked my peer Zahraa to help me photograph my work, she is extremely talented and as I have worked with her previously I know she helps to ensure the day runs smoothly and the photographs turn out exactly how I want them. I told her I had booked the studio and if it was possible for her to help me out and she thankfully agreed.

For my model, I also asked a peer- Leila. She had modelled before and looked amazing in the images, thus I wanted her to model mine too. Thankfully again she agreed.

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