University Interviews: Choice’s

WEEK 11:

1-7th May

University of Westminster/ Fashion Design sandwich year. Once we laid our portfolios on the desktop, we were given a quick tour by some second-year students who answered any questions we had. Once this was over we were called in one by one. I sat down with two of the tutors with my work in front of me and they asked me the following questions “Why Westminster” “Your favourite designer” “Your worst designer” “Know any students here?” “Post students?” “Did you visit any open days?” I felt I answered all the questions really well, and had a good rapport with the tutors and had a laugh. I felt really comfortable being there and It made me like the university even more. *UPDATE* I received a conditional offer and I made it my firm choice.

Central Saint Martins/ Fashion Design with Marketing. Before proceeded to lay our portfolios down, we were told we have been very successful to even get this far along- and there are only 5 places left on the course. Once laying down our work we were asked to leave the room while she called in each student for an interview. During my wait of 5 hours, I was lucky enough to sit and talk to a second-year student who was so lovely and chatty, answering any questions I had in detail. Once I was called in for my interview, Rosemary (the course leader) asked me to talk through my portfolio, which I happily obliged to do so. She told me she really liked my work and how she thought that my understanding of pollution and the fashion industry has a part to play in this and bringing these issues though to my work was important as she too has her concerns. I talked about how I felt about this course and the university and how it truly fit me, how I gain so much influence from students here, and how my design style and how its so important for me to be successful in everything I do and how going to CSM will elevate me to do so. She seemed impressed with and loved how I was a ‘Northerner like herself’ my work and thanked me for coming down. *UPDATE* Today I received a rejection email from CSM.

I also gained conditional offers from:

Liverpool John Moores and University of Salford.

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