The Making Of The Top Half:

WEEK 12:

8-14th April

Now I had got the making of the bottom half of my outfit out of the way, and my World of Wool order had come through, I decided to get on with the making. I wasn’t sure how long the process would take me, so I allocated myself the whole week of the 8th – 14th, to ensure I have enough time before the deadline, and my photoshoot.

To work out and estimate how many sheets of felting I needed I made the decision to measure someone to get figures on the distance between their nose and chest, ear and chest, shoulder to stomach, and the width of their shoulders. I have documented this process below:

I worked out I would need roughly 6 big sheets of felting to create the cape.As I had previously carried out the technique of felting in my early research and experimentation ( here ) I could set up my space, and get on with work immediately, as I was just carrying out the exact same process- but on a larger scale, I did however didn’t want these felted pieces to be as polished off as the first one I created, I wanted the felting to be a little more wooly as I felt it would look more natural and help the litter entwine with it more.  As presented below, there was no order to the process and I wanted the litter to combine with the wool, natural materials and vegetation as seamlessly and as naturally as possible (this is the stage before I felted it together).


After a long day few days of work, I had finally completed the felting. I let it dry for 2 days, as they were thick they needed this. Once I had completed the felting pieces and they had dried before I stitched them together I would pin them on a model, take it off, then stitch.

So far I am extremely happy with how the garment is looking- the amorphous shape and the way it is drowning and covering the model is exactly how I pictured.

I decided to sew this piece randomly, with little bits on hand stitching and then normal stitching to give it the fluidity and volume I desire. I could not be happier with the results of this (images to come)

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