Clearing Exhibition Space:

WEEK 13:

15-21st April

This week we have been instructed we must clear the FAD room in preparation for the exhibition.

Day One: Setting up the studio for the exhibition firstly consisted of clearing out old work, tables, drawers, scrap paper and rubbish, and throwing away any of my own work which I didn’t need or want anymore.

Day Two: As the studio was now clear and cleaner and there were no scraps of people’s work- we began setting up boards, sanding and filling them in to create a smooth surface on each one, then gum-stripping the cracks to make them look smooth and seamless.

Day Three and Four: Now the majority of the studio was seamless and clear- it was time to start painting. This included masking off all skirting boards and doors, all painting the walls inside the studio and the corridors a crisp white. Once dry, the masking tape could be peeled up and the floor cleaned.


Now, this has been completed -rather fast and efficiently due to good teamwork- we can now bring in out final pieces to set up our space for the exhibition.

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