WEEK 13:

15-21st April

Today was the day of the photoshoot. I arrived in the studio at 9 am, and reminded the photography technician -Neil- I was here. He said he would help me set up lighting- but to do so I needed to tell him exactly what I want. I walked him through my project and told him what I was hoping to achieve in this photoshoot. I told him that I felt a dark background, dramatic photo shoot that contained shadows and contrasts would create the perfect images that tie in with my project. The subject of Modernity- pollution and humans way of life today entwining and essentially engulfing nature is not a light subject and rather deep threatening issues that should constantly be at the back of people’s minds- thus ensuring the photoshoot was similar this would work.

He set up the studio and I called my photographer -Zahraa- and model -Leila- down.

I had previously spoken to Leila and informed her on what she would be wearing and asked her if possible, please could she wear natural makeup and her hair in a low ponytail. Due to the fact the skirt was sheer, I decided to bring some pink tights with me for Leila to wear so she didn’t feel uncomfortable. She got dressed whilst Zahraa spoke to Neil about some lighting issues. Finally, we got to work taking pictures.

All was going as predicted, until after only a short while unfortunately Leila -the model- started feeling uncomfortable, her face was drained of colour and couldn’t stand up properly. The bright lights combined with the warmth of the felted cape was suffocating her and she nearly fainted! I and Zahraa rushed her to the bathrooms, gave her her old clothes, cooled her down with wet towels and gave her lots of water to drink. She begged us she was now fine and could carry on but I insisted she must- I already felt guilty enough as it was. She apologised and we sent her on her way.

Due to the fact we had only got about half way through the shoot, and there were no other models around I could use, Zahraa stepped in place. She gave me a quick tutorial on how to use the camera and set up the lighting again to ensure she doesn’t get so hot too and we I truly feel this photoshoot really makes the garment look so incredible, the different poses, angles, shots got back to work. I am so thankful for Zahraa stepping in like that and really proud of myself too for being able to take the photographs with no experience before!

After taking loads of pictures, I selected the ones I wanted Zahraa to edit. She did an amazing job and now I just have to print my favourites off and display them in the exhibition!


I truly feel this photoshoot really makes the garment look so incredible, the different poses, angles, shots everthing works so well together.


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