Exhibition Layout Part Two:

WEEK 14:

22-28th April

After looking at inspiration for my exhibition layout, I have to get realistic, bearing in mind the space I have, costing and what will look most effective on my garment. Due to the fact, the cape I have made is really amorphous and big- I felt and my peers agreed it would lose these qualities if it was hung, and would look odd as you wouldn’t be able to tell it is a garment., therefore I decided to bag myself a mannequin. I placed it on here and immediately it came back to life, however, the skirt was questionable.  I had the from my photoshoot, but had not printed them off yet- so needed to keep this into consideration. To help me decide, I decided on the composition and how many photographs I wanted, and what size- I decided to take photographs of the mannequin in different locations.

After completing this first exercise, I immediately didn’t like the skirt on the mannequin and felt it took away from the cape- therefore I decided to see what It would look like hanging up beside it instead.

This exercise, I focused on the composition of the mannequin. Left, Right, Centre far back, Centre middle, Centre forward. I have decided with the help of my tutor Jo, that composition ‘Centre Middle’ will look the most effective and make the boldest impact on viewers, with images from the photoshoot either side in A1 to be extra dramatic. All I need to do now Is print off and mount my images- this process I will do right at the end however as I want them to look fresh, and due to the fact the room is very bright and warm- it has been known that the images crumple.